What We Are?

The firm consists of qualified experience civil engineers as principals along with an additional land surveyor/professional engineers, field technicians and their assistants. All personnel possess an excellent working knowledge of survey methods and procedures for all types of surveys. Each member of our team demonstrates a strong personal character and willingness to work within both urban and remote areas. In addition, the firm operates from a fully equipped office and has experienced drafting and support staffs.

Equipment and Technology

This firm has always attempted to work with the latest technological advances in our industry. We currently utilize the following equipments as shown below:- Our field computers consist of Pentium notebooks and Hewlett-Packard hand-held. Our office computing capability includes the latest in computers technology for the COGO/CAD workstations running AutoCAD 2004/2008/2010, Pythagoras contour Software and AutoCad Land Development. Our plots and final drawings are prepared on an AO size plotter. The office is fully supported with the latest Office software monitoring all aspects of jobs.


The surveyors and engineers at Precision Engineering Solution possess strong skills for undertaking any type of survey project and will provide prompt, efficient, confidential and cost-effective results as is witnessed by the many projects we have successfully completed. We are confident we can be of assistance in any project you may wish to undertake.